❤️Q: Where do we ship from?

A: From China.

When you placed an order on our site, we will ship it directly.

❤️Q: How long until my order will ship?

A: We usually take 2 to 3 business days of arranging delivery. And the items which out of stock, please according to the product page.

❤️Q: After my order ships, how long until it arrives?

A: Though location and weather-dependent, average transit time is 15-45 business days by sea.


For fast delivery by DHL air express, please click "Chat Now" to  contact us for more details.

❤️Q: What shipping carrier do you use?

A: We currently use DHL/UPS/FedEx/Sea shipping for all orders.

❤️Q: Do you offer expedited shipping options?

A: We do not offer expedited shipping options at this time. 

❤️Q: Can you ship to my address?

A: We ship to addresses all over the world. But addresses except for USA and Europe need to confirm shipping cost with us.

❤️Q: What is the warranty on my purchases?

A: 1 year warranty, free to change components when there's problem.


Any modifications or alterations to the product will void the original warranty.


❤️Q: What if my item/ package arrives damaged?

A:  We are directly liable for any loss, theft, or damages, during delivery. Please be patient as we have to claim the damage with the shipping courier and send you the parts or replacement.