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The electric rideables market continues to expand as people consider new alternatives to public transportation. It's grown so much that we've now divided our recommendations into two different categories: the best e-bikes, which you'll find below, and the best electric scooters and skateboards. Most of them were tested on a commute through sections of midtown Manhattan, around Central Park or down the West Side Highway bike path. Some were tested before the coronavirus pandemic, others more recently.

If you do get into rideables, be sure to be safe by keeping a few guidelines in mind. Leave enough space between yourself and both cars and riders on plain old human-powered bikes and scooters. Ride and pass with caution, because you can go faster. Keep your battery charged and make it a habit to check on your tires often. Most important, wear a helmet every single time you ride.

Flyke foldable ultra light long range e bike

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