Best electric bicycle 2020

Electric bikes can provide the perfect answer for many cyclists - we explain how they work and pick out some of the best.

What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes – often known as e-bikes – are basically conventional bicycles, but with a rechargeable battery and a motor to help move you along, taking some of the effort out of pedalling.

Why would you buy an electric bike?

There are a whole host of reasons why you might want some pedalling assistance in your life.

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Perhaps you have to travel with lots of cargo, and the added power can mean the difference between using a car or still spinning your two legs.

Or maybe you want to start commuting to work, and an electric hybrid could be a great option for helping you cover the miles, without turning up at work in a sweaty state.

You might be recovering from injury or illness and the added boost of a motor might help you get back out there again. Or it might simply be the case that you’re not as young as you once were.

Whatever the reason, there’s a lot of choice in the e-bike world, so the chances are you’ll find the option that suits you.

Read further down the page for more information on styles of electric bike and legal requirements. But first, here are a few of the best…

Our pick of the best electric bikes for 2020

We’ve split our guide up into hybrid, road (which also includes gravel and adventure options) and folding e-bikes.

With each product is a ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Best Deal’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

We’ve included a range of styles – from electric hybrid bikes, to electric road bikes and electric folding bikes.

A road going hybrid bike that’s equally at home on tracks and trails, with a comfortable and confidence inspiring upright riding position.

The fully loaded package includes mudguards (or fenders for our US friends), lights and a rear rack making it perfect as a daily commuter or for ditching the car when going to the store.

The Flyke motor delivers its power smoothly and efficiently and offers long range in between charges, making the Flyke far more than just an A to B bike.

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